Bell Mobility work with many reputable suppliers to bring you a wide selection of scooters, ranging from transportable ‘car boot’ to 8mph road scooters.

Our King Street store holds a good selection where you are able to take advantage of our no-obligation test drive. We are confident that you will find something to suit your requirements and budget.

If you are interested in a scooter that is currently out of stock, please
contact us for earliest availability.

No Hard Sell

You can rest assured that Bell Mobility operate under a strict ‘no pressure’ policy. You are welcome to browse our store at your leisure, comfortable in the knowledge that any decisions made will be yours and your alone.

However, we understand that the prospect of purchasing a scooter can be quite daunting so our friendly staff are here to assist you in any way.

If you would like more information, the British Healthcare Trades Association provide a selection of leaflets to help you on your way.

BHTA Get Wise - Click Here

Free Delivery, Set-up and Demonstration

If you live in the local area we are happy to provide you with free delivery, set-up and comprehensive demonstration.

Scooter Information

There are many types of mobility scooter and buying one that covers all of your needs is not always easy. There are many things to take into consideration such as:

  • For what purpose do I need my scooter?
  • Will I be using it on the pavement or road?
  • Am I able to put it in my car?
  • Is it easy to get on and off my scooter?
  • Are the controls easy to operate?
  • Will my scooter carry my shopping?
  • How far will my scooter carry me?
  • Do I have the room to store my scooter?

These are just a few of the questions that you will need to ask yourself before purchasing a mobility scooter. We understand that it can be overwhelming, particularly if you have not used one before, so our staff are here to help in any way they can.

Transportable (Car Boot Scooters)

Just what it says on the tin! With a maximum speed of 4mph, transportable car boot scooters are a convenient and lightweight option. They are easy to break down and are compact enough for the majority of car boots, and many come with a removable battery pack for easier charging. With a smaller range of up to 10 miles, car boot scooters are ideal for a little trip to the shops.

Mid-range Scooters

If you are looking to travel that little bit further on a single charge or would like a sturdier scooter with a greater carrying capacity, then a mid-range scooter is just for you. They come with a top speed of 6mph and a range of usually up to 20 miles.

Road Scooters (Class 3)

These scooters come with a carrying capacity of up to 30st, a range of up to 30 miles and a speed up to 8mph. They are perfect for rougher terrain and longer distances. You do need to be aware however, that to use your scooter on the road you must have road tax. There is no charge for this and an application form will be provided with your new scooter for you to complete and return . Do not worry, we can help you with this. Please feel free to call in to our King Street store and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Although not compulsory, it is worth taking into consideration as you are personally liable should the unthinkable happen and you cause injury to other people or damage to property. We are pleased to be an agent of Mark Bates Ltd: The Home of Premier Care. They offer Insurance & Warranty on Scooters & Powerchairs and High Value Scooters & Powerchairs.

We offer
12-month Free Standard Insurance Available on all new mobility scooters and 12-month Free Standard Insurance Available on all used mobility scooters, for extra peace of mind.

Mobility Scooters

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